Many of our clients either start out with a brand video or end up with a brand video. In this case, we have been working with Sweed for more than 3 years which allowed us to culminate a lot of content that we then implemented into a brand video. This piece not only represents all the footage we captured but goes to show how we are able to use and reuse content for our clients, saving them money, while producing quality content.



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The most qualified person to speak about the importance of Sweed Machinery are their clients, because ultimately they are the ones who live with Sweed’s products and use them every day. Novum Visuals has traveled nationally and internationally to produce a full series of customer testimonials that show Sweed’s products durability and versatility.

Ad creative

Novum Visuals works tirelessly with our clients to create ad creative that converts. Whether it’s YouTube pre-roll ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, or LinkedIn/additional social media ads, Novum Visuals has a deep understanding and empirical knowledge of what audiences respond to what kind of ads. We create full creative folders so our clients have completely built out A/B tests for their ad creative.


- Melissa Tally, Marketing Director Sweed Machinery

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